4 Reasons Changing Your Hair Can Totally Change Your Life

I’ve been going through a lot of major life changes recently. Moving countries, moving cities within that country, and changing careers. But the biggest change of all has been my hair.

Hear me out, because it’s totally not as weird as it sounds.

Whenever I am in a slump, I start to hate everything about myself. And the easiest place to start in a severe bout of self loathing, is my physical appearance. So it needs to change. From getting a pixie cut on the last day of high school, to dying my hair pink after a breakup, to going back to brown for my move to Madrid – changing my hair is always my first course of action when I feel trapped. And you know what? It works. Changing my hair gives me a fresh outlook on life. Because no longer am I that person I hated just last week. My hair is bouncy and full of life and so am I.

Soon I’ll be starting my new job, which just so happens to be my dream job, and I wanted to go into that stage of my life feeling like a totally new and improved Rosy. So after stalking possibly every hairdresser in Brighton on Instagram, I decided to take the plunge. It took four hours and was the most money I’ve ever spent on my hair, but I have no regrets. It’s short. It’s blonde. I don’t resemble the cousin of Cousin It. I am me again.

Here is why I think changing your hair also changes your life!

1) Briefly, You Are A New Person
For a short period of time after a major haircut, whenever you catch your reflection, you get confused. “Why, who is that dashing young person staring at me?” you say. Well, it’s you! Look at you go! For the first few hours after my haircut, whilst I was painstakingly choosing which selfie would debut my hair on Instagram, I got to thinking (dangerous, I know); is this the same Rosy Parrish as yesterday? This one seemed cooler and more confident somehow. And when I was walking down the street I had to wonder, where the passersby marvelling at how cool that short blonde girl looked? Obviously not. But a girl can dream. So for those brief few hours, I was convinced I was a whole new person. That confidence follows you though, and even now, days later – I still secretly think I’m slightly cooler. Fake it ’til you make it, y’know.

2) Symbolism and Shit
Imagine it. You’re sitting in that chair. The hairdresser is behind you, holding a pair of scissors. Closer and closer they go, until… SNIP. Your hair is gone. Bye bye, hair! Bye bye, problems! When I’m running my fingers through the super short bit on the top of my neck, I like to imagine that along with all the tangles and knots and badly dyed locks, went my worries and problems and a few insecurities too. Swept away by the trainee’s broom. And it feels goooood. I mean, a lot of my problems actually disappeared upon the news of my employment, but that would never happen in a transformation movie montage. It was totally the hair.

3) Feed Your Ego
Unless you’ve accidentally dyed your hair green and come out with an allergic reaction too, your friends are probably gonna gush over your hair a little. Even if you think it’s narcissistic and frivolous, you can’t deny that a quick compliment from someone whose opinion you value will make you smile. I’m not saying cut your hair just for the compliments or the Facebook likes. Cut it for you, duh. But like… it’s an added bonus.

4) It Shows You What’s Really Important
Ignoring everything I’ve said above, it really is just hair. And if your haircut hasn’t come out like you imagined, and you’re screaming “dammit Rosy Parrish, you lied to me” at your screen, take a deep breath and remember you’ll always have number four on this list. Although I am loving my haircut this time round, this is a rarity for me, because most of my trips to the hairdresser end in disaster. Whether it’s a lopsided bob or a really bad dye job, the change is not forever. Your hair can grow, or you can cut it. You can dye it. You can straighten it. You can do that super cool topknot thing that I never truly mastered. Although at its best, our hair can make us feel really great, it also doesn’t define us. It’s all what you make of it. It’s just hair.

And with this wisdom, I bid you adieu. If you’re going through a hard time or just need a change, just start with the hair and the rest will follow. I think this is slightly more manageable advice than my usual spiel of ‘moving abroad cures anxiety’. But hey, they both worked for me


8 Autumn Buys Under £30

So I’m currently looking at the smallest number I have ever seen in my bank account, which is making me stressed. And when I’m stressed I like to distract myself by buying nice things. But I can’t do that because I have no money. Which makes me stressed. Do you see the cycle here?

So although I’m not usually one for wish list posts, this is the closest I can get to shopping without my debit card imploding. If I can’t buy this stuff, then maybe someone else can. You’re welcome.

1. Black Snakeskin Textured Cross Body Bag – New Look, £15.99 2. Long-sleeved blouse – H&M, £14.99 3. Long-sleeved top – H&M, £12.99 4. CARTER Velcro Fasten Trainers – Topshop, £26 5. Black Wide Stripe Long Sleeve Step Hem T-Shirt – New Look, £12.99 6. Grey Floral Print Wrap Front Dress – New Look, £14.99 7. Green Animal Print Wrap Front Skirt – New Look, £19.99 8. Black Leather-Look Chelsea Boots – New Look, £27.99

Firstly, I love this damn bag. Most of mine are huge so a structured smaller one like this would be perfect to take from day to night. I am also all over pyjama shirts at the moment. I can just picture this with skinnies and heeled boots and ughhhh yes come to me. I often find myself dressed in all black – so a versatile green shirt like this would help pull me away from that. I’ve also been dying for some sleek trainers and since Stan Smiths are leather, these ones look like a great alternative. I also wouldn’t have to tie my laces so that’s pretty awesome too.

Some may say I have too much stripy clothing but I don’t think that exists. This oversized jumper paired with a blanket scarf would definitely keep me happy and toasty. I also have a slight weakness for wrap dresses. I probably own about five but this floral one is super cute and, with the right accessories, I can see it taking me from season to season. I’m not really a skirt person but definitely want to change that – and I can’t say no to strangely coloured leopard print. And these boots, man. I must buy a pair of black boots every year but these ones are different, I swear! They’re flat, for starters. And New Look shoes never fail to impress me.

This was supposed to make me feel better but now I’m just poor and badly dressed.

Excuse me whilst I go eat some pasta for every meal of the week.

BEAUTY | Why Do People Think Their Mascara Is More Important Than Tortured Animals?

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 17.08.16

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost ten years now, and although I really don’t like the idea of eating animals, I can understand why lots of people still choose to do so. I’ve also never considered myself one of those preachy vegetarians, because as long as you’re not trying to force beef down my throat (it happened in year eight and was pretty traumatising), we’re not going to have a problem. That been said, what I don’t understand is why people still buy makeup tested on animals. Even vegetarians (and some vegans) that I know still do it. And I know I shouldn’t sermonise, but I just think that the suffering and torture of millions of animals is more important than buying the perfect lipstick shade.

It’s not even like if you chose to cut out products tested on animals you’re only going to be able to buy really nasty, obscure, or expensive brands. Of course you’re gonna get the high end expensive stuff like NARS, just like you would if you didn’t care about cruelty free products, but there’s also plenty of amazing brands like Urban Decay, Barry M, Sleek, and ELF that all make great products without making cute little animals suffer. Recently I found out that Revlon is no longer cruelty free, which is gonna severely affect my bordering-on-ridiculous lipstick collection, but not for one minute did I think ‘aaaah fuck it, it’s only a rabbit’. Because although now I’ve had three failed attempts at becoming vegan, I just can’t shake the belief that makeup is not important enough to warrant that cruelty. My mum recently said that she doesn’t like the idea that cosmetics are tested on animals, and that she just ‘doesn’t think about it’. Which I think is a pretty stupid way to go about life, because if we don’t question the things we don’t agree with, nothing will ever change.

I’m not gonna include a list of brands that don’t test on animals, because there are plenty of websites out there that do it so much better than I could. But I do suggest you have a quick Google and see how many of the products in your makeup bag are contributing to the problem. And if you do want to start going cruelty free, a helpful tip is to look for the BUAV bunny logo next time you want to purchase something. Also please remember that this isn’t only about makeup: your toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shower gel, everything is more than likely to have been tested on an animal at some point in its creation. And don’t just check the FAQ sections on brand websites, because if a company says that it ‘is against animal testing’, it is probably the same as how I feel about wearing leggings as pants: I don’t condone it, but I still partake in it behind closed doors.

If you’re still not convinced, and even if you are, you should definitely check out the Lush campaign against animal testing. My last post was pretty feminism orientated, and as great as it is that people are paying more attention to the war on women, animal rights should be moving forward right along side it. I’m all for fucking the patriarchy, but sometimes all humans are as awful as each other.

Brb as I go hug my cat and watch Legally Blonde 2 forever.

(Side Note: if you read this and do use products tested on animals, please let me know why, I’m not gonna attack you– I’m genuinely interested and discussion is fun and important and good!)