OOTD: Take Meow(t)


Omg an outfit post! Omg an outfit post in the form of a mirror selfie! How 2012 of me. But it’s this or nothing when it comes to fashion posts now so we’re gonna have to deal with it.

I’m currently in the UK which means I can actually wear more than a scrap of fabric without melting, so I’ve been revelling in the fact I can wear more than my two 40-degree weather suitable outfits. One of my favourite ones so far has been this baby, because I’d never be able to wear this much black in August in Madrid.

The shirt is a new buy and I didn’t waste any time in wearing it. It’s covered in pictures of cats which is a great look at the rest of my life. I got it from Next and it’s got a great boxy fit to hide all those yummy English food babies I’ve been suffering from lately. It came in useful for this outfit, as the skirt I’m wearing is my mum’s and two sizes too big for me. Awks. The oversized shirt did a good job of covering up the ugly belt I was using to keep it hoisted up.

I’ve finished it up with my trademark bowler hat- although I recently did venture into H&M territory after finally giving up my trusty Topshop hat. The shoes are also H&M, although are looking a bit worse for wear recently, but who wants to pay more than €10 for shoes? Not me!

Here’s where it gets fancy, the bag is Marc Jacobs and the sunglasses are Versace. And that is why you buy €10 shoes. Just kidding, that is why you search through the wastelands of TK Maxx. £20!!! Crazy!!!

But the real star of the show is obviously my PopSocket, which makes taking super attractive selfies so much easier. Just kidding – I still look like a potato but at least I don’t drop my phone anymore.

I head back to Madrid next week and once it finally starts getting under 30 degrees I hope that I can finally wear some interesting outfits again. And force James to take pictures of me. And force you to look at them. Hopefully they’ll be cat themed.


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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