New Year, New Me?

Ugh. I hate myself for even writing that, and it isn’t even what I set out to do this new year. But scrolling through my camera roll just now I’ve realised, damn, I’m a total cliché. I’ve made all the stereotypical January choices this year and I’m kinda loving it. But also I’m the worst. Seriously, look:

The most cringeworthy of all New Years resolutions: excercise. I’ve never been one for these January/gym combinations before… heck, even the most basic of physical excursion makes me want to cry. But my daily treks up five flights of stairs and the loss of my 18 year old metabolism has meant I’ve taken more of an interest in fitness this year. I’ve started RUNNING (holla at the NHS Couch to 5K podcast) in the park and I’m even looking into a gym membership. My favourite part of this new regime is my new running jacket… it has thumb holes! 😀

I’ve always been a fan of juices and smoothies and often force myself to head to a juice bar over a coffee shop in the mornings, but I’ve never really dedicated myself to the cause (my kitchen is totes too small for a blender). But on my way back from my first run, I spotted this little place tucked away on a busy street, and damn, I’m in love. Nothing makes a run more bearable than knowing there’s a nice fresh carrot, banana, and orange juice waiting for you on the other side. This time, I’m okay with being cliché.

TREAT YO SELF. In my case, that means multiple trips to Lush in the span of a month. This isn’t even all of it. Some of it has been repurchases of old favourites (Enzymion moisturiser and Mask of Magnaminty), but the bulk of it has been new babies for me to try. If I’m gonna live in Spain, I might as well smell like it, and The Olive Branch definitely does the job. I also got Ultrabland to give my skin a treat, and Daddio shampoo for this next reason…

Tadaaaaa! New hair! After almost two years of being a begrudging brunette, I’m back to blonde, baby. Well… kind of.  It’s not up to my usual ice princess standard, but we’ll get there (thanks, Daddio). But what better way to start the new year than with a new look? I kinda see why people do this.

So I’m a giant cliché now, who knew? Oddly I’m okay with it.


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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