65 Thoughts I Had During Digimon Adventure Tri

In case you don’t know, I freaking love Digimon, and I’ve been waiting for Digimon Tri for what feels like my entire life. Seriously. But as it turns out, I have a lot of feelings about my favourite childhood anime… and my constant exclamations(/complaints) were annoying my boyfriend. So to save him the suffering of listening to my whining, I decided to write notes about all my feelings, complaints, and questions whilst watching the first instalment of Digimon Adventure Tri and share them on the Internet instead. You’re welcome.

  1. Awwww yeah Tai’s learning English. Teaching the Digidestined would be much cooler than random Spanish highschoolers.
  2. Why is there like 30 seconds between every line of dialogue? I don’t have time for this!
  3. Chill, Joe, it’s already confirmed that you’re a doctor in the future. Who needs exams when it’s canon?
  4. Or am I thinking of his brother? Wait, no. Definitely Joe.
  5. Really Sora you’re still pulling this shit? MAKE A DECISION.
  6. How did she get a picture of Biyomon on her phone if they haven’t seen them in like 6 years?
  7. Has Kuwagamon always been this big?
  8. Where the fuck are the 02 kids? Does no one care that they seemed to be DYING in the intro?
  9. So now Agumon doesn’t have to scream Pepper Breath when he wants to attack? Greaaaat.
  10. Omg his voice ahahahahahahahaha!
  11. They don’t say “x-mon digivolve to” anymore?! Ugh, rude.
  12. Or was that just in the English dub?
  13. “It’s much stronger than the last time we fought” UMMM WERENT YOU JUST A LITTLE PINK BUBBLE BACK THEN?
  14. Has everyone forgotten about the giant vampire dude who took over Tokyo a few years ago? He literally enslaved people with his army of ghosts, which is totes more terrifying than a giant red bug.
  16. These fight scenes just aren’t as satisfying without hearing Hey Digimon playing in the background.
  17. I’d be so pissed if I was Kari or TK and I lost my badass 01 digivices for those lameass things ):<
  18. Oh hi there Angemon’s nipples.
  19. Aaaaah, hearing the Japanese names just feels wrong to me.
  20. If Mimi’s hair was still pink it would have been SO on point.
  21. And TK is SUCH a hipster,
  22. A PINEapple computer? Ahahaha. Wonderful.
  23. Omg Izzy and Mimi yeeees. My childhood heart can’t take this ❤
  24. How the hell did Gomamon get to Joe with FREAKING FLIPPERS?
  25. I love how chill Tai and Kari’s mum is. I’d be all “oh fuck not you again” if these things showed up in my house again.
  26. And where is Matt’s hot dad? Don’t hide him from me.
  27. Halfway through episode 3 and so far I have waaaaay more questions than answers.
  28. Like mainly WHERE THE HELL ARE THE DAMN 02 KIDS?!
  29. Is it me or have Matt and Tai both had a complete personality switches?
  30. “Is she human?!” TK gets it. Come on Joe, who are you kidding?
  31. Anime food always looks SO GOOD.
  32. We have come a long way from pretending to be stuffed animals on the train. Although it was way more believable than passing as human.
  33. How is this guy a teacher? He looks younger than the students. Still a total babe though.
  34. Watching this in Japanese feels like I’m betraying my childhood )’:
  35. Yes, Izzy, definitely go for that nice lobster outfit. That’ll win her over.
  36. Tentomon remains the sassiest character on the show and I LOVE IT.
  37. I’m sorry but I still can’t get over Agumon’s voice. HE SOUNDS LIKE E.T.
  38. I never really understood Matt and TK’s parents’ decision to separate two siblings because they wanted a divorce. Like seriously, what the hell guys?
  39. Who is TK talking to right now that would know the word Kuwagamon? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.
  40. Goggles?!
  41. GOGGLES!
  42. It’s not really a Digimon series without goggles ❤
  43. Is Palmon using Punk-Agumon’s wig?
  44. Wait… it’s taken me 3 episodes to realise that they change their clothes daily now? Yet even after returning home in 01 they still keep the same outfits? Ugh, teenagers.
  45. Is Agumon in Newsies?!
  46. This emo girl is shady as hell.
  47. I wish I could eat froyo with the digidestined ):
  48. Tai’s orange shirt and hair combination is very Dragonball-esque.
  49. This crazy cat Digimon is great and I wanna hug it
  50. SHE’S HUGGING THE CAT (✿ ♥‿♥)
  51. This is not the time to suffer from PTSD, Tai.
  52. Damn son, this Alphamon guy means serious business. Venommyotismon who?
  53. Just go Super Saiyan on ’em, Tai. Ehehehe.
  54. Cat-Digimon-thing, are you just like not gonna help at all orrrrr?
  55. Sora needs to stop her fretting about Matt and Tai because clearly they are just in love with each other.
  56. Really digging this battle music… but I’d still rather have Hey Digimon.
  57. “It got away”?! Okay, I definitely do not trust these government people.
  58. In-Training Digimon look like tsum tsums!
  59. Really… that was it? Am I at least getting a post-credits scene?
  60. Yay! Thanks Marvel for instilling this in me.
  61. Joe, you are USELESS. Crest of Reliability, my ass!
  62. Damn Matt, grow a heart dude.
  64. The things I do for you, Digimon.


Sixteen year old me would be so proud right now!