A Cliché First Grownup Apartment Inspiration Post

So as I covered in my last post, I’m a total real proper grownup now. Kinda. Because I’ve said hasta luego to my roommates and I live in a studio now. Yay? But with moving apartments, a quick visit to the UK, and that whole pesky not-getting-paid-til-October thing, decorating the new place has been taking a bit of a backseat. In case you don’t stalk me all over social media (ummm, why not?), I moved from my spacey four bed shared apartment to a cute lil studio apartment with my boyfriend. So not only do I have to learn how to fit everything in such a small space, I have to take another person’s design preferences into account. Gross.

My apartment is a good size for two people to live comfortably, but it’s a loft apartment, which means dealing with a sloped ceiling and giant beams all over the place. My main issue is finding suitable storage, without everything looking too cluttered or bleh. So until the elusive paycheck makes it return, I’m left just stalking Apartment Therapy and Pinterest. So consider this one of those cliché apartment inspiration posts. You’re welcome.

My walls are white and I have an ugly-ass printed sofa that needs covering. And I want pillows. Lots of pillows. As well as trying to make my clothing rail less of an eyesore (seriously, they aren’t as Pinterest-worthy when they have your entire closet crammed on it). So the plan for the time being is little splashes of colours and prints and patterns, a stark contrast from the monochrome fortress that was my last room. I’ve already started on an ~art wall~ on the partition wall that separates the kitchen and lounge. Seriously, I told you it was gonna be cliché.

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Okay, so maybe I’m not as completely over the monochrome thing as I made out. But whatever. Current wishlist items include an elephant print blanket, cute storage boxes, and some fairylights.