A Stroll in Segovia


What do you mean I’ll eventually run out of alliterations for these travel posts? YOU’LL RUN OUT OF ALLITERATIONS FOR THESE TRAVEL POSTS. No, but really– this little excursion to Segovia definitely was a stroll. It was short and sweet, but that’s all we really needed. You would have thought after the hassle we had trying to get to Toledo that we would have thought to book our train tickets in advance… nah. Upon arriving at Chamartín we discovered that the high speed train was all booked up, so it was either go the long way around or go home. We chose the former. But it actually turned out to be super great! I’ve always thought that Spain was some disgusting desolate rock country, but it was actually kind of beautiful to speed through the countryside with the mountains looming in the background. I mean, I couldn’t have done it twice in a day (we got the high speed train back to Madrid), but it was really worth two less hours in Segovia.

10363388_10204486290733020_873699464002714435_nOnce we arrived in Segovia we were immediately helped by a cute old man when we stood staring at the map outside the station. Further on down the line, another old man helped us. And then a lady even further on. My friends were impressed that Segovians were friendlier than their Madrid counterparts, but the introvert in me loves the abrasiveness of the big city. Team Madrid forever. Once we found our way to the Aqueduct, we stopped for a few touristy pictures (selfies included) and appreciated the architecture for a bit. We then grabbed lunch at a place chosen by my friends… super expensive and full of dead animals… as you can probably guess, I was ecstatic. After begrudgingly ordering a 10€ plate of mixed vegetables… I was actually super impressed. It was amazing and really filled me up for the whole day. Perfect for a day of exploring a new city. Vegetarian diet, you’ve served me well again.


On to the exploring! First we headed to Plaza Mayor (no creepy goats in this one though– shame really) to see the Cathedral. It was stunning from the outside, but no way were we paying to see the inside of it. Toledo takes the point in this round. Usually I’d be super happy to see such a stunning piece of architecture/history/culture… but there was something else that was the reason for my visit this time. The Alcázar of Segovia: an absolutely amazing 12th century castle that acted as Walt Disney’s inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle. If there’s one thing I love more than a castle, it’s a Disney castle. So cultured, clearly. Again, we didn’t go inside– but we did spend a while taking in the amazing view and marvelling at the castle itself. It definitely made my day, and I’m so happy I got to see it. Maybe Spain isn’t as terrible as I always believed growing up (although I think that hatred mainly stems from how many times I got dragged to Tenerife as a child).

10301368_10204486297573191_5260414108538841641_nWe then took a slow walk back to the Aqueduct and although we passed a whole bunch of delightful little cafés and places on the way– we of course stopped off for a Smooy, despite their been about six hundred and eighty in Madrid. But it matched my nail varnish, so I had to really. Side note: banana froyo is heavenly, guys. After the Smooy and the giant plate of vegetables I’d devoured earlier in the day, I was too stuffed full of food to walk to the top of the Aqueduct to see the view. I know, I know, I’m a terrible tourist. Instead I sat on a bench and lost the will to live. We then caught the bus back to the station (a downside of getting the high speed train is that the station is like forever away from Segovia– and by forever I mean like ten minutes maximum). We settled onto the train, I put my headphones in, and then it was time to partake in one of my favourite activities: listening to music on a train ride. Admittedly it was only a half hour train journey, but it was a nice way to relax after a long day. The chosen soundtrack was Taylor Swift’s 1989, obviously. Any sensible person would have then gone to bed… but of course we all headed off to a real life American Hallowe’en party, where I finally came to understand the American obsession with pumpkin flavoured food. But now we’re back onto Madrid, which is not Segovia. So I’ll end the blog post.


Overall, I liked Segovia. I think I’d go back again to see more of the town, but I’m definitely more of a Toledo fan. Disney or no Disney, armour and weaponry is way cooler than a bunch of dead pigs.


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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