Home Comforts & Happy Thoughts: Two Months Later


So a little over two months ago now, a mere seven days before I packed my entire life into a suitcase and moved to Madrid, I wrote a post about all of the things I’d miss from the UK and some predictions about my new life in Spain. Now that I’ve been here for long enough to settle into a routine, I thought I’d look back at that post for the first time and revisit some of the thoughts that naive little 21 year old Rosy thought she should put on the Internet.

Things I Thought I’d Miss…

5) Having Absolutely No Responsibilities: I’ll be completely honest here… I don’t miss this at all. I thought that having a job and bills to pay and classes to pass would be the hardest thing to adjust to, but I actually really love it. I was so done with staying inside for days on end because I had no reason to go outside. I’ve adapted to life here much better than I expected to, so much so that I’ve even requested more hours at work because I got a bit bored of my three day weekends. Who am I and what have I done with myself? Although I suppose it helps that I live in a country where it’s common curtesy to be ten minutes late and it’s not frowned upon to nap in the afternoon between shifts.

4) Easily Accessible Vegetarian Food: I hate to be a complete downer here, but the vegetarian problem turned out to be just as bad as I expected… if not worse. As I noted back in July, I haven’t had any Oreos since I arrived and it’s been a real struggle. I’ve also accidentally eaten fish in a potato croquet and almost cried on the metro when I found ham in my cheese and tomato pastry. I eat a lot of sandwich vegetals at restaurants and guacamole wraps at home. But at least there’s always pizza for when I need a pick me up… much to my housemate’s distaste.

3) Understanding Television… But Mainly Netflix: I’ll start this by saying I’m still watching Corrie. I am not proud of this but I can’t stop. However, The Office, BTVS, Gossip Girl… I haven’t watched a single episode since I left. It’s been highly traumatic for me. I mean, in turn I’ve read like six books since I arrived, but I still miss knowing that Walking With Dinosaurs is only moments away from me. So far I’ve got the TV to play Disney and Discovery in English, so I can watch a lot of Container Wars… but Storage Wars is infinitely better, so I’m not sure if this is an achievement or not.

2) Embracing My Inner Goth: A simple one here. I still dress like a goth. Over the summer months it was unbearable but I persevered and looked great… minus the sweat, of course. Now it’s getting cooler again and I can wear my hat and, wait for it, laaaaayeeeers *heavy breathing and salivating*.

1) Oakley: I miss him so much I almost bought a two hundred euro plane ticket so I could go home and celebrate the day he came to live with us and give him a kiss and rub his belly and oh god I’m gonna cry.

Deciding to move to Madrid was such an out of character thing for me. I usually fret and worry about every little thing, but as soon as the idea was planted in my head that I could teach English living abroad, I just went for it. I found the TEFL course I wanted to do, applied pretty much instantly, and accepted my position right after the interview. When I arrived I said yes to everything– even if my bank balance didn’t really appreciate it. But everything worked out for the better, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I felt this good about life, so I’m really thankful that I took the leap and moved to Spain… even with all the reservations I listed in my original post. Madrid, I may eat the same four meals on a rotating loop, but I guess you’re pretty great. Thanks ❤


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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