The British Tag (AKA How Unoriginal Can This Blog Post Be?)

I never thought I’d fall into the trap of doing a question tag, but this one seemed relevant because I am from BRITAIN but I live in SPAIN. So yeah. The British Tag. Because although I have at least two other things I want to write about, it’s 8:53AM and my neighbours have already started renovating their apartment for the day, so this is as good as it’s gonna get. I will admit that I’m currently eating a croissant, and sitting somewhere where it’s warmer at this time in the morning than it’s probably been in the UK all of August, but BRITAIN.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars? I have had exactly one cup of tea since I arrived in Spain, and it was green, and it tasted gross because I wasn’t used to the tap water yet. I don’t actually like tea tea, so we’re already off to a great start with this whole British thing. But back home I would probably have anywhere between 1-3 cups of green tea day, depending on how lazy I was feeling. In winter this would increase to like 5. Because COLD.

2. Favourite part of your roast? There are few things I hate more in life than a Sunday roast, even when I did eat meat. I’ll usually try and get out of having a roast and nom on pasta or something, but if I had to do that awful spending time with the family thing, Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages are the way to go (one of the things I miss from home D:). Throw in some of my mum’s roast potatoes and a few raw carrots, ’cause cooked ones make me feel ill, and– actually no, forget all that. My dream roast would be a bucket full of Yorkshire Puddings. That is my demand.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit? Dunking biscuits in tea is wrong and gross and just ewww really. Think of the awful floating bits of crumbs! My favourite biscuit overall is the Oreo, which they sell in Spain but it is not vegetarian here, so it’s really pretty terrible. Not gonna turn down a ginger nut though.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime? Uh, pattie in a breadcake (although that’s mainly a Hull thing, not a British one in general), chips by the seaside in Scarborough or Brid, arguing about what was better: SMTV Live or Live and Kicking, and Coronation Street. Food and television? Yep, definitely sums me up. I guess I’ll throw in fiercely defending Yorkshire, hundreds of years after the War of the Roses ended, just to mix things up a bit.

5. Favourite word? All my favourite words seem to be German, but I guess I’ve always been a fan of the word ‘indubitably’.

6. Cockney rhyme slang? Just no.

7. Favourite sweet? I was always the weird kid who didn’t like sweets, and now they’re usually made with dead animals anyway. So I guess I’ll say a Freddo Bar, back when they were like 10p, although I don’t even like chocolate that much really. Can Yorkshire Pudding be the the answer to every question?

8. What would your pub be called? Probably something literature related, like The Looking Glass– but I bet there’s one in Oxford already called that.

9. No.1 British person? Sooty, of Sooty and Sweep fame. But I guess also King Charles II, William Shakespeare, and… King Arthur?

10. Favourite shop/restaurant? You probably think I’m going to say Topshop, but there’s nothing like the joy that comes with looking at fishes at Garden Centres. But in all honesty, I probably spend the most of my money in Superdrug. Food-wise, I’m never gonna turn down a falafel burger at Handmade Burger Co.

11. What british song pops into your head? STOP RIGHT NOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH I NEED SOMEBODY WITH A HUMAN TOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCH. Also anything by David Bowie or Elton John, thanks to music brainwashing from my parents.

12. Marmite? Never tried it, don’t want to, looks gross.

I am thinking of heading back to the UK for a weekend before the year is out, under the disguise of swapping some summer clothes for winter ones, but really it’s because I really need to hug my cat. I love the UK. I love its history and its culture, and I really love the BBC. But I also really like paying 3€ for a glass of amazing wine and not needing to bring a cardigan anywhere. So, Team Britain, always and forever ❤ But Team Spain for now, ’cause I’m 22 years old and I can irresponsibly move to as many countries as I want.


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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