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I move to Madrid in seven days and I can’t believe that it’s actually gotten to the point where I can say that. When I originally decided to move to another country, it was more an act of defiance or desperation than any deep routed desire. ‘Ugh, if nobody will hire me over here, maybe I should try a different country– a better country!’ Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved to travel, but something greater than my love of travel is my overwhelming anxiety and deep-routed pessimism. But now the time is here. On Wednesday 30th July I will get on a plane in Liverpool and get off it again in Madrid. I also turn 22, which isn’t really that exciting other than I can sing Taylor Swift songs without feeling like a fraud.

To commemorate this stupid decision I’ve made to live abroad and become an English teacher, I am here to write a list of all the things I will miss here in Britain. A task that was actually harder than I first thought… so maybe I am making the right choice after all.

I will miss…

5) Having Absolutely No Responsibilities: Admittedly this is not something contained to the UK, but just my life here in general. Although a year of unemployment lost its appeal pretty quickly, it’s still nice to know I had the option of watching Jeremy Kyle in a onesie if I really wanted to.

4) Easily Accessible Vegetarian Food: I’ve always had a deep hated of Spanish food ever since I once ordered some form of fish dish and when it arrived it was literally a plate of twenty fish arranged in a circle, staring up at me with dead eyes, with a minute amount of lettuce in the middle. Skip a few years and now I’m a vegetarian, and if all my obsessive googling has taught me anything, it’s that the Spanish really like ham. But the main heartbreak throughout all of this struggle is that Oreos aren’t vegetarian in Spain. I have seen the end and I do not like it.

3) Understanding television… But Mainly Netflix: Spain not having Netflix was probably more distressing to me than the whole Oreo fiasco. How will I watch Gossip Girl in a constant loop whenever I’m sad? How can I live without knowing Buffy The Vampire Slayer is just a few clicks away? HOW WILL I EAT WITHOUT HAVING THE OFFICE IN THE BACKGROUND? It’s not even just Netflix. My year of living at home has got me heavily invested in Coronation Street. Spanish soap stars have nothing on Roy Cropper.

2) Embracing My Inner Goth: I do not do well in heat, so deciding to move to Spain probably wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made. It’s one thing adjusting to 15 degrees plus warmer weather, it’s another thing doing that when your wardrobe is 80% black. Maybe I’ll just have to dress like a Wimbledon contestant and feed my gothic soul with a steady diet of black nail polish and My Chemical Romance instead.

1) Oakley: There’s no snarky title of this one, because more than anything else, I’m gonna miss my cat. As lame as it sounds, Oakley is my best friend. We cuddle, we play, we give each other headbutts of love. There is no greater comfort to me than the way he smells after roaming through the fields. Sure, he may wake me up by crying outside my door at inhumane times, and he may be obsessed with getting inside my wardrobe, but I love him. I am not sure how I’ll get by without his constant confirmation of love, but I will try. Until then, there’s always Skype, the 80,000 pictures of him I already own, and the fact that Madrid has it’s own cat café. But he’ll never be replaced. ❤

All of this aside, I am really excited to start this new adventure in my life. The last twelve months have not been my favourite and I think that a clean break will do me good. So now I have one more week to pack all of my possessions into a suitcase, stuff as many Oreos as humanly possible in there too, and try not to die of an aneurism before I leave. Fingers crossed.


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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