FAVOURITES | Monthly Musings #2 (April 2014)

I may not leave the house as much as a normal human being, but I do venture outside enough to find new things to make me smile. Well, I have for the past two months anyway. I don’t always live under a rock.

1) NARS Sheer Glow Foundation:

I’ve been pining after this foundation for well over a year now, but was a little nervous of paying the rather hefty price tag only for it to break me out like most foundations do. Recently I took the plunge and have been using it for around a month now, and I am totally in love. I’ve always been a bit of a foundation newbie; I only really started using it when I was nineteen. I was loyal to Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation because it seemed to agree with my skin, but it’s matte texture just wasn’t working for me. The sheer coverage of NARS is much more flattering for my dry skin, and I feel really illuminated and healthy when I wear it. It’s definitely worth the price. Rosapproved.


2) All Bran:

If it wasn’t lame enough that I’m including a cereal on a monthly favourites list, the fact that I’m including the most boring cereal known to man probably is. I don’t care though, because I love All Bran. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast, sometimes as a bedtime snack. But I always eat it without milk and with my fingers. Spoons just get in the way. This always grosses people out, but the way I see it is that I don’t like popcorn and this is how I experience the joy of eating it without the taste of cardboard that comes included. All Bran has become my go-to snack and I use it as a way to avoid eating Oreos when I get cravings. First I gave up Coke in favour of green tea and now this, what is wrong with me?


3) Barry M Gelly Lips in Sirius (#4)

Barry M really can do no wrong in my eyes. They constantly bring out high quality products for an affordable price and best of all they’re cruelty free. I’m a big fan of the Gelly nail polishes and have more of them then I should probably admit to, so the inclusion of lip products in their Gelly range was definitely welcomed by me. I picked up two shades, but Sirius is the one I’ve been reaching for the most. I always thought that I never suited a pink lip, but I have been pleasantly surprised by this shade. I’m not sure if it’s the new hair or the new foundation, but as long as I’m able to expand my lip product collection past reds and purples, I’m all for it. Of course, it also helps that it shares a name with Sirius Black, one of my favourite fictional characters (and one of the hottest in the HP film series). Maybe we can have a Remus shade next? Insert obvious joke about wanting Lupin on my lips here.

4) Lily Allen- Sheezus:

We’ve already touched on what a terrible taste in music I have, but Lily Allen is one of the rare artists that I can confidently say I like in public without getting weird looks. Her new album is definitely different to her earlier stuff, but I think it works. It’s really fun to listen to and I think it will be even better when it’s sunny outside, it definitely has that type of vibe to it. I loved Hard Out Here when it came out, but was a little disappointed when Lily Allen dismissed feminism as unnecessary. But I guess I’ll try and do that whole separating the artist from their art thing. The titular track, Sheezus, is my favourite from the album. ‘Give me that crown, bitch, I wanna be Sheezus’ really should be my new life motto.

I don’t actually have a fifth favourite thing this month, if you couldn’t tell by my inclusion of cereal on this list. April included a lot of things that I could consider my favourites, such as watching TV shows I’ve seen eight times before on Netflix, taking photos of my cat in weird positions, and gin. But none of them are just April favourites, I love them all the time. I’ll give Friends an honorary mention for it being the ten year anniversary of the finale and for the fact I must have watched eighteen episodes of it last week when my parents are away. I also would have included Game of Thrones for the second time running because Littlefinger shattered my entire life in this week’s episode. Wow. Hopefully I’ll leave the house more to find an acceptable amount of things I approve of in time for next month’s list. It’s a hard life being a pessimist.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 17.17.51


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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