LIFE | A Whiny Unemployment Post, But With A Difference!

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(I figured another unemployed graduate post might be a bit excessive, so I made it rhyme instead. Written in the style of The Cat In The Hat, because I’m obviously super cultured. Marvell who? I’m gonna use the excuse that the childlike structure acts as a great juxtaposition against the bleak and depressingly adult subject matter).

I am sat in the house,

Like I am every day.

Scrolling through job websites

For something that will pay.


I wasted all my time

On an English degree,

When everyone speaks it

And they get that for free.


The three years I spent

Claiming ‘oh, this means sex’

During every book,

It was hardly complex.


So now I am here,

The age of twenty one,

No job and no money

And it’s not very fun.


Every job listing with

Entry level appearance,

Then crushes my spirit,

‘Two years experience’.


‘So, why go to uni?’

The question is now raised.

I see no job prospects,

I’m just left feeling dazed.


Sure, there were fun times,

I made some good buddies.

But my crowning moment?

Acing Disney Studies.


It seemed like a good choice

Back when I was sixteen,

To study great novels,

It just felt like my scene.


But now all the teachers

And nurses have found work,

Leaving me in the cold,

On job websites, I lurk.


But this is my struggle

And I’ll take it in stride.

Or run off to Berlin,

Where forever I’ll hide.

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Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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