BEAUTY | Lush & Barry M Haul: Cruelty Free Beauty


I went in town today with intentions of returning some jeans and buying a new mascara. This did not happen. I’m totally gonna blame this on my decision to take my giant Zara shopper bag with me, because it just looks stupid if it isn’t filled with things– so I had to buy some stuff. Over £60 worth of stuff to be exact.

After returning my jeans, I waddled into Superdrug to pick up a new Barry M mascara. For the past year or so I’ve been converting my makeup collection to entirely cruelty free products, and I’m finally getting round to the last few stragglers (my Benefit They’re Real mascara, I was very reluctant to part with it). I’ve been doing some research on the different Barry M mascaras, as they are my favourite budget cruelty free beauty brand, and finally decided on the Lash Vegas mascara. I’m excited to try it, and if it’s as good as I’m hoping then there will definitely be a review up sometime soon, and Barry M hasn’t failed me yet. Whilst I was lurking around the Barry M counter, I also came across the Flawless Matte Finish foundation, which is something I only realised existed pretty recently. Judging by the packaging, it seems to be trying to emulate the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation, which is what I currently use (I don’t use much foundation, I’ve been using this same bottle since July 2012, hence why it’s not cruelty free). I just had to guess what shade to get as there were no testers available, so hopefully I made the right choice. I’m pretty pale and I’m still somewhat of a foundation novice.


But did my Barry M adventure end there? No. I also grabbed the Natural Glow Shadow & Blush palette because I HAVE A PROBLEM I LOVE EYESHADOW PALETTES OKAY? *cough* I’m planning on getting rid of the majority of my eyeshadow palettes and just starting a fresh. I’ve still got the original Urban Decay Naked palette, but I’m a little wary of putting something I’ve had so long in my eye. The colours look great, there’s six shades and they actually all seem really wearable– unlike 40% of the Naked palette, which has remained untouched for me. I’m definitely excited to try it out with my brand new mascara and foundation and feel like a new person, woo! And of course, I can’t go to Barry M without getting sucked into the nail polish section. I ended up getting the Pink Sapphire Glitter, which is exactly what it sounds like: just pink and gold confetti and sequin style nail glitter. I also got the silver nail art pen because I have so much fun with the black one, but I’m unsure of what I’m gonna create with it yet. Silver leopard print just doesn’t feel right, and that’s the extent of my nail artistry so far.


At this point, I probably should have stopped when I had the chance. But I was sure I could just slide into Lush and buy myself a shampoo that would fix the mess that is my hair thanks to seven years of consecutive bleaching. And that I did! I picked up a little bottle of Rehab shampoo, just so I could try it before committing to a giant bottle. It’s full of seaweed and cleansing enzymes, so hopefully it will help whatever I did to my poor hair. But in true Rosanna spirit, I couldn’t stop there. I mean you can’t go to Lush without getting a bath bomb or two, right? So I picked two Rose Jam bath bombs to try, because thanks to my name I have an affinity for anything with rose in it. But buying the bath bombs meant I couldn’t pass on the matching shower gel! So I got that too. Because it smells like fairy blood. I also repurchased one of my old preteen favourites, the Skin Drink moisturiser. I stopped buying it because I was a poor teenager who couldn’t justify spending so much on cosmetics… which really isn’t much of a change from being a poor graduate who can’t justify spending so much on cosmetics. Whatever. What are you? My mother? And then because I’m a giant lip product junkie, I grabbed the Mint Julips lip scrub whilst I was paying. I mean what’s a few more pounds, right?


Excuse the awful lighting on these photos, I just wanted to take the photos when everything was pretty and unopened and it gets dark at like 8AM now. I’m not exactly sure how I fell into beauty blogging. Is this beauty blogging? I just buy a lot of makeup and stuff. I also spoke about books yesterday? You get everything here on Mice & Rabbits.

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Currently Reading: Good Omens- Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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