FASHION | September Wish List (Like a Six Year Old Wearing Her Mum’s High Heels)

Usually I would justify a September Wish List as ‘back to uni clothes’, but I can’t do that anymore seeing as I am now a perpetually unemployed graduate.  The unemployed thing is key here though, as I can’t actually afford to buy clothes anymore, so making wish lists will have to suffice.  But I am starting to think about adulthood and being a real life grownup, and where some people may think the way you act shows how adult you are, I prefer a more aesthetic approach.  So here is my wish list of kind-of-grownup-looking clothes, that maybe I will buy when I get an actual job in an attempt to look professional and less like a twelve year old.  And maybe then I’ll be able to make decent looking collages.


Popper Front Boyfriend Coat, Topshop, £58; Knitted Angora Cable Cardi, Topshop, £48; Petite Spot Print Shirt, Topshop, £32.

I have a thing for oversized coats.  I think it comes from having no choice in the sizing when I was a kid; as I was a Topshop Junkie from age eleven, when even size sixes drowned me.  Now when I can actually get clothes to fit me, I just wanna pretend to be thirteen again.  Also, y’know, they’re great for layering blaaah blaaah blaaaaah.  I can’t even begin to justify this cardigan, it’s just that today is the first day of post-summer-2013 knitwear wearing so I’ve got a little bit carried away.  I just think it will match my new penchant for ginger hair, okay?  And the shirt is just cute and I like wearing black ’cause I’m a total goth. That’s as deep as it gets here.

ImagePeg Trousers In Floral Print, ASOS, £17.50; Tan Lock Strap Tote Bag, Miss Selfridge, £39; Green Check Ponte Jacket, Miss Selfridge, £45.

I LOVE UGLY TROUSERS. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction. I’m still searching for that perfect pair which has just the right ugly/awesome balance, I’m taking this very seriously.  I picked this bag because I really need to come to terms with the fact the Zara City Bag in tan is never going to come back in stock and it breaks my heart just thinking about it.  Also my mother just bought herself a gorgeous brown Mulberry bag and I’m jealous, but would actually have to sell my kidney on the black market to afford my own.  And oh look wow, yet another oversized jacket/blazer thing. I told you I had a problem. I just wanna be a little androgynous princess!

I can definitely see myself wearing these to get brunch or something and being a proper grownup.  Brunch definitely seems like the most adult meal to get.  I’m already teaching myself the lingo: mortgages, tax return, and Sainsbury’s Basics.


Author: Rosanna Parrish

Brit exiled in Spain.

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